Do you know how important your car lights are?

Do you realise how important your car lights are this winter?



“A well-lit vehicle will be clearly visible to other road users. Remember, your lights, reflectors, number plate lighting and indicators will be effective only if you keep them clean and in good working order.” Road Safety Authority

More can be read about the correct use of lights from the Road Safety Authority:

One of the easiest ways to communicate with other vehicle users on the road is by using your lights and indicators Рhave you had yours checked recently? As we are heading towards the winter months it is now more important than ever to ensure you can be seen on the roads.  Headlights and brake lights are to be sure motorists are seen by others even in the most limited visibility conditions.

We stock numerous different variations of bulbs suitable for different makes and models of cars. We can also advise on the changing bulbs within your car. Be safe and be seen this winter!